Career Preparation Skills
Career Preparation
Lesson 3
You will most likely never get the job you want with out an interview. The employer will want to meet with you
and make sure you have the qualifications and skills required and that you are a good fit for their company.
Interviews also give you the chance to ask some questions and see if the position and company are right for
you. Watch both part one and part two of this video. The video shows examples of low and high quality
After watching the video complete the Sample Interview Questions. You will use this page to help prepare you
for an upcoming interview by a fellow classmate. Once you have answered the questions, either email it to your
teacher or print it out and turn it in.
First impressions count for a lot in an interview, but it's not just how you act at first it's also how you look. If
you look like a professional the interviewer will see you as such. This website gives a great overview of
interview, and general business attire.
The last part of this lesson is the interview. Your teacher will pair you up with another student to practice. One
student will be given the role of interviewer and the other the role of interviewee. After the first interview the
roles will be switched allowing both student to experience each role. Before the interviews begin, review your
answers to the sample interview questions to refresh your memory. Also read the strategies of success hand
out for good interviewing tips.
Mock Interviews: Coming soon! 
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