Career Clusters
Lesson 2
New lesson 2: Occupational Scavenger Hunt
What am I going to be when I grow up? To answer this question you need information about your options. Please
complete the following worksheet. In order to do so, you will need to use the AZCIS website. Please visit and log in using your school’s login and password. Then, you will navigate to the
occupations section. Hover over “Where am I going?” and look for the link that says “Occupations”. Click that
link. Please note that you might need to use all four tabs (FAQ, Cluster Index, Titles Index, and Search) in order
to complete this worksheet.
Old Lesson 2:  Presentation:
Now you are going to do a quick presentation on one of the Career Fields you will study in depth later on. Your
teacher may assign you one of these six Career Fields to present on, or you may be given the responsibility to
choose one you desire. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce what will be covered when we study a
Career Field and a Career Cluster in that field. Here is an example of a presentation. Make sure you include all
the information that is present in the example. Begin your presentation by visiting the Career field links below. 
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