Career Clusters
Higher Learning. Higher learning, after high school is very different from high school. Each class you take is
assigned a certain number of credits. If you take English 101 at Glendale Community College, and you pass, you
will earn 3 credits. Your grade level in school is depended on the number of credits you have earned. If you
don’t pass the class, you don’t earn the credits. You are classified a….
Freshman: if you have earned up to 16 credits,  Sophomore: if you have earned up to 32 credits
Junior: if you have earned up to 48 credits, Senior: above….
Public Community Colleges- 2 years, sometimes called J.C.’s (junior colleges), students can earn a 2 year
Associates Degree or they can take classes and transfer their credits to the 4 year university of their choice.
Examples: Glendale Community College, Phoenix College, Estrella Mountain Community College.
State Universities: Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Arizona. These
universities offer Bachelors, Masters, and PhD’s (doctorial degrees).
Private Colleges and Universities: These schools concentrate on preparing you for a specific field. They
offer very different degree plans. This school teaches students very specific education plans. DeVry University,
ITT, Apollo College, Ottawa University are some examples of private colleges, but there are many more.
Degrees Offered Approximate Time Needed for Completion
Associates Degree 2 years, Bachelor’s Degree 4 years, Master’s Degree 2 years, Doctorial Degree 2-6 years
depends on the program
We are going to use College Board to find schools of higher learning that relates to your pathway.
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