Aviation Accident Investigators

When there is a problem with an aircraft, aviation accident investigators spring into action. In the event of a crash, they go to the scene and start to investigate.  Click here for more info


Fire Protection Technician

Fire protection technicians design, test and inspect fire protection systems. Click here for more info


Industrial Hygienist

"[Industrial] hygienists study the health impacts of the working environment," explains Stewart Sampson. He is an industrial hygienist. "They try to anticipate, evaluate and control exposures to chemical or physical agents that may injure workers."  Click here for more info


Risk Manager

Risk managers balance worst-case scenarios against the risks involved in doing a job and doing business.  Click here for more info


Safety Supervisor

Safety supervisors have an eagle eye for hazards in the workplace and other areas. They spot potential accident sites and fix them. They teach others to reduce their safety risks.

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Workplace Safety

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