Technology Life Careers
Program Resources
Work Based Classroom 
Rename classroom to a name that reflect a business, for example, our
classrooms are focused on computer applications and career exploration so,
the business name might be “Career Central.”
2) The first day of school now becomes a “new employee orientation”
conducted by the Human Resource Director (teacher) with the new
employees (students).
3) Review the “TLC Employee Handbook” instead of going over our
classroom rules. The handbook has been written to reflect typical classroom
concerns in a way that resembles a real business’s employee handbook while
incorporating our rules and guidelines. (Contract at back of handbook is to
be signed by student and parent/guardians and returned by end of week)
4) Discuss and display jobs available for “employment.”
5) Have students apply for desired job(s).
6) Hire appropriate students for available jobs.
7) Take the first few class periods to “train” new employees.
8) Day 2 implement the TLC timecards. 
Implementing Time Cards in the TLC classroom
Purpose: There are many reasons to use time cards in our classrooms. First it allows employees (students)
to track their own “work attendance” in the classroom. Then it gives them exposure to interview questions
that they might be asked in future interview situations.
The time card also has 16 possible punch spots per week. This allows for immediate feedback when soft
skills are observed.
Student Use: Each employee gets a time card that will last for a 2 week period or 8 class days. They are
responsible for filling in the date and answering the posted interview question. It is expected that the
question be written also. Employees that are absent, simply write date when they return and write “absent” in
place of the question.
Teacher Use: At the end of a 2 week period, either the process manager collects time cards. After the payroll
manager tabulates punches earned, and has transferred points to the student debit cards, you, as the human
resource manager for the classroom, evaluate each card. You check for accuracy of dates, quality of answers to
interview questions and absences. A grade can be assigned for the card based upon quality of interview question
answers, attendance and/or accuracy of information.
At the end of a month or a quarter, the collected time cards are brought out and reviewed by the “boss and
employee.” You can tell your student that if you were their actual boss…you would:
a. Give them a raise
b. Cut their hours
c. Put them on notice for too many absences
d. Etc.
9) Employees should be working in their new positions by the beginning of week 2.
10) Reinforce soft skills. Each HR manager should purchase a unique hole-punch to use on TLC time cards when
the 10 Soft Skills employers seek most are seen.
11) Payroll managers will receive timecards from process managers every 2 weeks. Payroll managers will then
convert punches earned to dollars and add them to student debit cards.
12) Stores should be stocked by the end of the 2nd week of school so that students can shop for items (either
tangible or intangible).
13)Provide feedback to Sheryl Safieh or Jim Hawk on how things are going in your class. Ask for help as
necessary. Share great ideas that have worked so we all can benefit.
Peoria Unified School District