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Culinary and Hospitality Units & Conversions
Budget: a summary of how you plan to spend your money
Chef: the chief professional cook of a large kitchen staff
Event Planner: one who plans and coordinates the details of an event as a profession.
Event: a meeting, party, wedding, or any other social gathering
Food Pyramid: is a way for people to understand how to eat healthy.
Garde Manager Chef: Chefs on cruise ships and in fancy restaurants, they do the ice carvings,
cream cheese sculptures, and all the cold work.
House operations: the way a restaurant functions or the steps for carrying out routine
operations dealing with a restaurant.
Menu: a list of the dishes served at a meal
Pastry: a sweet baked food made of dough
Stock: is basically the liquid that comes from simmering bones and/or meat with vegetables,
herbs, & seasonings.
Venue: A place for large gatherings, as a sports stadium
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