Human Services
Culinary and Hospitality, Units & Conversions
Lesson 1
Do you enjoy cooking or baking? Have you ever struggled with reading and interpreting a
recipe? Many people struggle with these same issues. In this lesson
you will learn how to read a recipe, identify items used in a kitchen
and how to covert a recipe to fit your needs. Before we begin take a
moment to look at the vocabulary to assist you with theterminology
used in cooking and baking.
Part 1: Read Tackle the Recipe before you begin.
Part 2: Before you start a baking or cooking you will need to know
how to measure properly and convert recipes. Using the internet to
search your answers, complete the Conversions and Recipes worksheet. After you have
completed your Conversions and Recipe worksheet you need to either print it out and
turn it in, or email it to your teacher. Your teacher will tell you which method they
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