Lesson One

Make your Case


Lesson 1:  Introduction to “Make Your Case” mock trial

Pretrial Activities – Preparing for the Case


In this lesson, you will need to pair up with another student. One of you will be the attorney for the plaintiff (bicyclist) and one of you will be the attorney for the defendant (driver). If there is an odd number of students in your group they will need to pick a side and work as co-council.

Game Overview

Make Your Case is a courtroom trial simulation in which students control the action in a television-like trial. Students play the role of attorneys in a civil case involving a traffic accident between a bicyclist and a driver. The game is designed to be played by two players or two teams of players. As the game begins, students are challenged to decide what pieces of evidence will be most helpful to their case. Once the trial is under way, they choose which questions to ask witnesses and when to object when they spot violations of the rules of evidence during testimony. The trial concludes with closing arguments and the delivery of a verdict. After the verdict, students have an opportunity to interview jurors. Finally, students receive certificates of completion that provide feedback on how they performed as attorneys.

Assignment #1 - Vocabulary Worksheet

Before you begin your mock trial, you will need to learn some of the terms that you will hear during the trial. Below is a link to a vocabulary worksheet and LAW.com. Use Law.com to find the definitions and fill out the worksheet.   Save the worksheet to your H-drive and follow your teacher's instructions on how to turn it in.

Vocabulary Worksheet


Extension Worksheet


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