Health Services
Sports Medicine
Technology Standards
Strand 3: Research and Information Literacy
Concept 1: Planning
PO 1. Predict the most effective keywords and phrases for use in information
PO 2. Determine which information source will provide the desired data.
Concept 2: Processing
PO 1. Locate and synthesize information utilizing advanced search strategies.
PO 4. Synthesize research information to create new understanding.
Strand 6: Technology Operations and Concepts
Concept 2: Applications
PO 5. Create and edit visual and audio material to generate a stand-alone
multimedia product.
Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
4.1 Apply strategies that individuals can use to promote a safe home and work
environment to prevent falls, sprains, strains, and fractures
4.2 Use taping techniques and protective equipment to prevent, support, or treat sports injuries
Workplace Employability Standards
3. Expert Thinking: Integrates a mastery of technical knowledge and skills with thinking strategies to create, to innovate, and to devise solutions.
• Engages in continuous learning through inquiry and reflection.
• Exhibits expertise by asking relevant questions and listening actively.
• Uses multiple thinking strategies, such as critical thinking, divergent thinking, problem solving, and decision making, to
5. Professionalism: Conducts oneself in a professional manner appropriate to organizational expectations.
Science & Technical Common Core Standards
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.3 Follow precisely a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.4 Determine the meaning of symbols, key terms, and other domain-specific words and phrases as they are used in a specific
scientific or technical context relevant to grades 6–8 texts and topics.
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.7 Integrate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text with a version of that information expressed
visually (e.g., in a flowchart, diagram, model, graph, or table).
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