Communications and Information Systems
Website Design
Lesson 2
The next step in the design process is to create a story board for your website. A website story board is simply
a diagram depicting the potential layout and design of the website. This story board will be viewed by the
client. If the client approves of the design you will then build the site according to the design.
Below is an example of a story board for VANS
Now that you know what a website storyboard is you will create one for your client using PhotoDraw, GIMP or
Paint. Your client wants you to use their logo on the home page, but all other design decisions are up to you.
The client will not pay for more than 7 pages including the homepage. The client wants an "About Us",
"Products and or Services", and a "Contact info", page. All other page decisions are up to you.
After you have completed your story board you need to either print it out and turn it in, or email it to your
teacher. Your teacher will tell you which method they prefer.
Peoria Unified School District