Communications and Information Systems
Website Design
Lesson 1
In this unit you are going to create a website for a
client. One important aspect to remember when
creating a webpage for someone else is that it must
meet their needs. This applies to both the content on
the web pages and the design style the client is looking
for. You are not building the page to your liking, but the
The first step of this process is to choose a client. You have six clients from which to
choose. Click on this link to look at client profiles then choose your client.
After you have chosen your client it is time to do some research. Your best bet is to
use Google and search for businesses like the one for which you are building the
website. For instance, if you are building a site for VANS, you would search for "shoe
company", "skateboarding", "skate clothing" etc. The purpose of this research is to
get an idea of what other websites in the same industry look like and what
information the sites contain. All websites aren't the same. The website of a punk
band is not going to look the same or contain the same information as one for a
gourmet restaurant!
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